Monday, July 3, 2017

Nesting and Final Summer Plans

Soooooo, I'm totally aware that pregnancy is not a homeschooling topic, but it is a part of our life right now and this little one will continue to shake up homeschool plans, I'm sure:).  So I'm nesting big time, but I'm also trying to balance relaxing and taking in every aspect of this last pregnancy.  I've cleaned and decluttered every nook and cranny of our home, watched a lot of dancing with my family, done a lot of pool days, started planning our fall homeschooling with a newborn, and made sure that books and crafts are available to the kiddos.  Other than that, I'm done...haha!  I simply cannot focus on anything else and guess what?  The kids are having a fabulous summer!  Now if I can make sure each girl gets her mommy and me date before little sister comes, we do a lemonade stand, and we make it to the water park I'll win mommy of the year in my kids eyes!  So those are my last three goals for the summer:).


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